Saturday 17 November 2018

Autofy 4 Digit Helmet Lock: Review: Great for Bikers

Carrying around a helmet everywhere all the time can be a real hassle. But leaving a helmet on a motorcycle probably also mean a free give away to a thief. To avoid both the problems the best solution is using a helmet lock so that you can leave your helmet on your motorcycle securely without having to carry it around. And one such product I recently got my hands on is a helmet lock from the brand Autofy. It is not a sponsored post but the quality of the product is impressive and is worth sharing.

Design and Build Quality:
The product is a multi-purpose steel cable with a 4 digit lock. The 4 digit pin/password can be set and changed any number of times in every possible combination. The steel cable is which is cover by a rubber cover/jacket is claimed to be 1.2 cm thick by the brand. Although I did not cut open the cover to measure the thickness the cable feels solid. The quality of the rubber coat as well as the plastic used on the numbered rings is good too and do not feel cheap. The rotation of the numbered rings is crisp and smooth. The toothed latch is made up of steel and is built solid. The overall quality of the product feels premium.

Does it work?

Until and unless someone is carrying a power tool or other set of tools for cutting locks, there is no way anyone can pull open the lock with bare hands. I personally used all my strength to check if the lock breaks open upon application of excessive force with hands or not but the lock was rock solid. Thumbs up to that. The company also claims that you can use it to lock your motorcycle's wheels too to secure the motorcycle. The product quality is good but I do not recommend to rely on it to secure your motorcycle. But as far as its use as a helmet lock goes, it has proved to be a worthy product so far.

Price and Availability:
The Autofy 4 digit Universal Multipurpose Steel Cable (Helmet Lock) is available on various online sites at a price below INR 400 at present.

Location: Guwahati, Assam, India

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