Monday 17 December 2018

Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner Review: A great motorcycle cleaner

We the motorcycle lovers love our motorcycles and love to flaunt them irrespective of their displacement and type. But these machines that we love so much are made for going to places. Places that get them dirty. Dust, grease, oil, dead insects, and bird droppings nothing stays behind to get our beloved machines covered in muck and stain. Moreover, not everyone likes to get their motorcycles cleaned in a service station. I was searching for a perfect motorcycle cleaning product for the enthusiasts like us, who like to get their own hands dirty to get the motorcycles cleaned. A product that would clean every possible stain and dirt there is. I did find a product, the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner online but I was a bit skeptical about it. But thanks to the good folks at Mototech Gear who provided a great discount on the product so that I could review it and you do not have to go through the same dilemma. So, how good is the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner? 

I had not cleaned my motorcycle for a long time as I wanted to test the mettle of the product. The motorcycle was covered in all sorts of dirt, dust, and muck. The rear mono shock was cover in a layer of mud that had hardened with time. The chain and sprocket were all covered in grease and therefore I wanted to test if the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner could clean that too. Below are some photos before washing of the motorcycle with the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner:
The cleaning solution comes in a 500 ml plastic container/bottle and a spraying nozzle is provided along with it. The nozzle has variable flow options of ‘spray’ and ‘stream’. ‘Spray’ is for the wide surfaces and the ‘stream’ is for those difficult to reach portions of the motorcycle. The sprayer is easy to use and works perfectly fine.

Directions for Use: 
The instructions to use the product are provided on the back of the product container and are as followed: 
  1. Rinse the motorcycle thoroughly with clean water.
  2. Spray Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner on to it giving more focus on the stains, dirt, grease, and slimy stuff.
  3. Let the solution soak in for 3 to 5 minutes.
  4. Scrub dried oil and dirt with a brush and sponge.
  5. Rinse the motorcycle thoroughly with water then wipe with a wet cloth and then with a dry cloth.
Does the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner really work?
The cleaner really works and is not just a hyped up marketing gimmick. After the final wash and drying off the bike I was really impressed with the result especially with its ability to clean the slimy grease on the sprocket as well. The whole motorcycle was looking clean and there were no visible spots left anywhere after the water completely dried. The shine on the paint looked as great as new. But if you use it on the chain and sprocket then do not forget to lube the chain after the wash to prevent any damage due to dry chain and sprocket. Below are some photos after washing of the motorcycle with the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner:

Is it safe to use Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner on your motorcycle?
The brand claims the solution to be alkaline in nature and hence will not cause damage to the vehicle’s body or paint. And the claim seems to be valid as after the use of the product neither it dulled out the paint nor it caused any damage to the plastic components. Instead, the product seemed to have restored the gloss of the paint which had become dull due to dust and dirt. 

How much solution is required for a single wash?
As it was the first time that I have ever used the product, I ended up using more than 100 ml of the solution in a single wash in an attempt to cover the whole motorcycle with the solution. But the product needs to be applied especially to the places containing stains, grease, oil, and dirt; therefore you do not have to use it generously all over the motorcycle. So, approximately 50 ml of the product is sufficient for a single wash.

Where can you buy the Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner?
To order a Mototech Universal Bike Cleaner online, you can directly go to the product page or visit Mototech Gear’s official website, or to browse through more riding gears and motorcycle products. 
Location: Guwahati, Assam, India


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