Friday, 18 January 2019

Why choose Mirrored Sunglasses while Driving or Riding?

Driving a car or riding a motorcycle on a sunny day can be quite painful to the eyes due to the harsh sunlight. While there are sun visors in a car but they provide protection only up to certain angles beyond which the glare due to sunlight is inevitable. Similarly, there are smoked or mirrored helmet visors to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight while riding a motorcycle but they too have their pros and cons. ( Read the article, 'Clear Visor Vs Mirrored Visor Vs Smoked Visor' to know the pros and cons of each type of helmet visors.) So, to avoid straining the eyes by harsh sunlight during driving or motorcycle riding, the best accessories to choose is a pair of mirrored sunglasses.

Mirrored sunglasses prevent the eyes from getting strained due to sunlight by reflecting maximum light and thereby keep the eyes cool. People using spectacles should always opt for powered sunglasses as using non-powered sunglasses will strain the eyes even more.

These sunglasses can prove to be a boon especially during long motorcycle rides as they can provide the protection from the sunlight that the clear helmet visors fail to provide. Also, they can prove really helpful while driving during sunny days as the sun visors in cars cannot provide protection from the sunlight at all angles. A glare-free driving or motorcycle riding can really enhance the experience of riding or driving. A glare-free driving or riding ensures prevention of accidents that might occur due to strained eyes or lack of proper visibility due to the sun directly shining on the eyes.

Sunglasses are helpful in protecting the eyes from sunlight but not all of them are same. Using ordinary sunglasses can have an adverse effect on the eyes. Using ordinary sunglasses for a longer period of time might result in headaches or loss of eyesight power. 

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