Tuesday 9 July 2019

Huge discount on cars in 2020

When you fall in love with the car of your choice you only dream to make it your own. You dream to take it on a long drive with your family or friends and enjoy the journey. Days seem longer as you can't wait to drive the car from the showroom to your home. But like always, to gain something you must lose something. And this time around you would be losing quite a lot of your hard earned money as purchasing a car demands a lot of investment. That is when our desire to gain discount or benefits fires up. We inquire and insist dealers provide discounts on the new vehicle. While you might be lucky enough to get some additional benefits if you purchase during a special time of the year like the festive season in India. But most of the time there might not be much of satisfactory benefits available. That is when 2020 might surprise you.

1. You ask why?
While some cars are already BS6 compliant currently most cars on the Indian roads are BS4 compliant only. BS or Bharat Stage are emission norms that manufacturers need to comply with for the betterment of the environment. At present, the emission norms are at BS4 but from April 2020 BS6 emission standards will be implemented which means after its implementation no BS4 vehicles can be registered in the RTO.

2. So, what is your benefit?
No manufacturers or dealers would want to face tremendous loss due to this. They would not want to see BS4 cars simply rotting in their stock yard. So, if they have any BS4 cars in their stock, they would want it to be sold before April 2020. Therefore there might be huge discounts on cars in 2020 before April.
3. Why can't manufacture convert their BS4 cars to BS6 cars?
The process is not that simple as the components of the engine would increase in size too so they would have to increase the size of the vehicle too.

4. Will BS4 or lower vehicles be banned from plying on the road?

No, if you have a vehicle registered in the RTO before the BS6 emission norms are implemented then you can drive it on the road without any problem.

5. Will cars become cheaper or costlier?
The cars might become costlier as it takes years of research and development for manufacturers to develop an engine. Also, BS6 cars will have bigger engine components.

Photo Source: www.automobilemag.com
Location: Guwahati, Assam, India


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