Sunday 25 August 2019

Nodi Shine BIKE SPRAY Coating : Good or Bad?

About 20 days back I was in a gas station filling up my bike. After filling up the bike I pulled over to the side of the gas station and was wearing my riding gloves. I was about to leave the station when a boy came towards me and asked if I was interested in a free demo of a vehicle polishing product called the 'Nodi Shine Bike Spray Coating'. As it was a free demo I thought of giving it a try. The guy who was giving the demonstration started explaining the procedure to use the product, where to use it and its benefits. I was a bit skeptical to buy it but the guy sounded confident enough about its benefit and also tried hard enough to sell it. It was only INR 245 for 200 ml so I thought of giving it a chance. I bought the product and the guy was more than happy to sell it.

The next day after washing my bike properly I applied the product on the painted parts and the plastic parts which now had become faded with time. After applying the product the I was really surprised to see the result. The paint had a better shine and the black plastic parts which had become faded were almost restored to their original finish. But it was only 5 minutes and therefore I decided to calm my excitement and wanted to observe how long would it last.
 So now it has been almost more than 20 days and even after riding the bike in the rain and dirt and also water washing, the black plastics still have retained the restored finish. The painted parts looked as good as new once you clean the dust off with a soft cloth.

Directions to use the product:

  • Clean the surface with a clean and soft cloth.
  • Spray the product on to the surface
  • Use a dry cloth to spread the product on the surface and also to wipe off any excess deposits.
Here are some photos of my bike 20 days later after using the Nodi Shine Bike Spray Coating:

So, my verdict on the 'Nodi Shine Bike Spray Coating' is that it is worthy of every penny spent on it.

This is not a sponsored post. 
Location: Guwahati, Assam, India

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