Sunday, 22 September 2019

Euro Gold CHAIN LUBRICANT for Motorcycle: Review: Good or Bad?

If you have been flowing my blog for quite some time then you might have noticed that I mostly review products related to automobiles. Most of these products are almost an integral part of your life if you own a car or a motorcycle. One such product is a motorcycle chain lube. I have reviewed chain lubricants like the Rolon Chain lube or 9M Chain lube in the past on my blog and this time around I have another such product with me, i.e. 'Euro Gold Chain Lubricant for Motorcycle' to review. So is it good or bad?

The Euro Gold Chain Lubricant costs around INR 150 to 175 for 150 ml. It comes in a spray can with a detachable pipe for the nozzle. The pipe helps you to apply the lubricant on the chain with ease especially to the inner side of the chain. The pipe also prevents the lubricant from getting sprayed on to unwanted regions and hence preventing wastage of the product.

After applying the lubricant evenly on the pre-cleaned chain, the lubricant must be allowed to settle for around minutes. After that, you can ride the bike. The effect of the lubricant is prominent and the chain immediately feels smooth. The sound that a dry chain makes on a motorcycle is immediately gone after applying the Euro Gold Chain Lubricant. Also, the motorcycle feels a lot smoother after applying the product. The effect of the product tend to remain for around 500 km which is pretty decent. But if you regularly ride your bike in muddy or rainy condition then you will definitely have to lubricate the chain at shorter intervals. So, my verdict about the product is that, if you are low on budget and cannot afford high-end chain lubes but also do not want to lube the chain with used engine oil as most garages do in India, then these types of chain lubes too can be used to keep the chain of your motorcycle properly lube. But why do you need to keep the chain of your motorcycle properly lubricated?

  • Decrease the friction between the chain rollers and the sprockets which increase the longevity of both the chain and the sprockets.
  • A damaged chain can damage the chain sprockets and vice versa.
  • A properly lubricated chain increases the performance of your motorcycle by decreasing the friction between the chain and the sprockets.
  • Motorcycle chains tend to make a clunky sound when not lubricated properly.
  • If a chain or sprocket has been damaged due to lack of lubrication then the chain might come off the sprocket which might lead to some nasty mishaps.
  • Last but not least chain lubricants generally tend to repel water and hence protects the chain from rusting.

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