Sunday 27 October 2019

MIVI ThunderBeats WIRELESS EARPHONES: The ultimate bluetooth earphones for travelling?: User Review

MIVI ThunderBeats Wireless Earphones

I have been searching for a good and affordable pair of wireless earphones for a long time. Some have great audio quality but the battery backup is not up to the mark. Some have great built quality, brand value, and good battery backup but the sound quality is not up to the mark. 
I have used a lot of great wired earphones but never owned a pair of Bluetooth/wireless earphones. But the convenience that a pair of wireless earphones provides has always made me want to own one. They are great companions for traveling as there are no wires to tangle. One can just wear a pair of wireless earphones and go for jogging, trekking, cycling, etc which generally are not practical ideas to execute while using wired earphones. But like many, I could not find the perfect one for myself. But that was until I recently got my hands on the ThunderBeats wireless earphones from MIVI. So, was I blown away by the product? Let us find out.

1. Built Quality and Design: 

Box Contents of MIVI ThunderBeats

Adjustable wire length

When we get ourselves a product, the built quality and the design matters a lot because those are the first things that we notice. MIVI has not compromised on the design and the built quality. The product is made up of metal and plastic. The fit and finish of the product feel really premium. Although this is a very short term user review the product seems to be durable and can be expected to last long. The buttons and the wire too do not feel flimsy.
The product comes with three sizes of earplugs and ear hooks to fit ears of almost every size. Also the length of the wire can be adjusted using a adjuster.

2. Charging and Battery:

The USB port of the earphones is covered with a door to prevent dust from entering. A short USB cable is provided along with the product but not an actual charger. Therefore, I would suggest to charge it by connecting to a USB port of a computer/laptop or a charger that matches the electrical ratings of the earphones to avoid any damage to the electrical components or meltdown of the product due to excessive heat. The MIVI ThunderBeats takes roughly about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours to fully charge and provide a playback time of around 6 to 7 hours (depending upon the volume), which is impressive.

3. Audio Quality:

The most important factor that decides the quality of an audio device is the audio quality that it delivers. The MIVI ThunderBeats sits right in between earphones that sound great but have the poor built quality and the earphones that have great built quality but poor audio quality. It has a perfect balance of built quality and audio quality.

ThunderBeats has a very good level of mid, the highs are good too, and the lows (bass) are almost up to the mark. But if you are a bass head who would not mind blowing the eardrums while enjoying to some EDM then you might not be well satisfied by the level of the bass that it provides. The mids are really great and therefore the people who are into music with lots of clean vocals would absolutely love these earphones. Even metalheads will enjoy headbanging while listening to rock and metal music on the ThunderBeats. I personally enjoyed listening to bands like As I Lay Dying, Linkin Park, Lamb of God, and Slipknot on it. Even the bass drops on the songs like 'Turn down for What' by DJ Snake sounds good enough on it. The noise cancellation on this device is perfect and do not let any outside noise to ruin the experience of listening to the music. To conclude about the audio quality of the ThunderBeats it would be safe to say that the audio quality of the product is really good but if you are expecting a high quality "3D" "Dolby surround" sound quality at the price it is available at right now then you will be dissatisfied.

4. Comfort and Convenience:

Earpiece with magnets
The MIVI ThunderBeats have a very well designed ergonomics and fits in the ears pretty well. The ear hooks keep the earpieces in position and do let it come off even if you are banging your head while listening to your favourite rock band.  The product is light in weight and is very comfortable to use.
The earpieces have magnets on it so that you can keep them locked together while you are not using it to prevent it from coming off from the neck.
The ThunderBeats comes with a built in microphone and therefore can be used for calling purposes too. It has a volume up and a volume down button and a multi-function button and can be connected to two devices at the same time. The Bluetooth connection between the earphones and the mobile phone or computer is really fast and does not exhibit any noticeable lag in operation.

5. Price and Warranty:

The MIVI ThunderBeats comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. It cost INR 2499 at present but you can get it at a cheaper price during an online sale or special discounts, opportunities I would not suggest you to miss.

6. Verdict:

It is difficult for me to comment on the durability of the MIVI ThunderBeats as I have been using the product for just around a week now but the quality of the product and the packaging feel really premium. The sound quality is really good but a little more level of bass would have made it an even more killer product. It would be an absolute steal if you could grab a pair of MIVI ThunderBeats for yourself at a very good price during an offer/discount. You can either get it from the Amazon or visit the MIVI's official website, to buy the product or know more about it.

So, that is all from my end. If you have any query or message for me then connect with me on Instagram: akash_kalita and Facebook: akashkalita11

This article has been brought to you in association with MIVI.


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