Monday, 18 November 2019

Daily Diary #1: Short ride to Chandrapur for a cup of tea.

Daily Dairy #1: Short ride to Chandrapur for a cup of tea.

If you are a "chai" lover like I am then you might know how far we can go for that special cup of tea. After spending rather hectic weekends than the weekdays it was Monday again in no time. I am right now in the transition of switching my workplace. So, there are too much paper works to complete. And Monday was no different. I had to take a day off from the place I am working at right now so that I could complete the formalities at the place I am going to. Where I am going? You will come to know in my coming 'Daily Diary' articles. So, after spending hours to get some paper works done I was finally informed that it is almost done and management has approved everything but it will take one more day to issue me the document I have been waiting for. I was not disappointed but it would have been nice if everything was completed today as there is very little less time for me to submit the final document for approval.

In life, we plan for things but they hardly turn out exactly the way we want. Such a situation can be really stressful. In life, in a career, in a relationship, things might seem to be going sideways but we must try to keep calm. For me, motorcycling gives me peace. And that is what I do whenever I am really stressed out.

I looked at the fuel gauge, it had enough fuel to take me more than a hundred kilometers. I cranked the engine and throttled towards Chandrapur. Chandrapur is a small village in the outskirts of Guwahati. The road that leads to Chandrapur is now butter smooth and is enveloped by trees on both sides. The traffic is very thin, a perfect foundation for a good motorcycle ride. After crossing Panikhaiti, as expected the air felt cooler; All thanks to the mighty Brahmaputra river flowing only a few hundred meters away from the road. On the left, you will only see open land with no buildings, no shopping malls. But for how long? I wonder. At least, for now, I enjoyed the view that these roads had on offer. The occasional "twisties" keep the ride interesting because "happiness isn't around the corners, it is the corner". Before reaching the destination I spotted a perfect location to click some photos for my Instagram ( @akash_kalita ). It was a riverbank but during monsoon, this place remains underwater but since it hasn't rained for some time now the river was a few hundred meters away. I wanted to take my bike near the river but did not want to risk getting my Suzuki Gixxer stuck in the sand as it is running on road spec tyres and I had no one else with me to help me out if I got stuck. So, I took the bike only to where I thought it was safe.

Chandrapur, Assam.
After clicking some tripod selfies I resumed my journey to find the taste of a cup of "chai" of a roadside tea stall. A few minutes later at Chandrapur "charali" I found a tea stall that had no people around. I parked the bike near it, sat on the bench and asked the stall owner for a cup of tea. "Anything else? Biscuit, cake?" he asked "give me a piece of cake" I replied. Unlike most stalls in the city where we are served tea prepared in a machine, he prepared it in front of me on a gas stove. I started editing my photos on my mobile phone as he prepared the tea. "Here is your tea and cake," he said smilingly as he handed them to me, "thank you" I replied. The moment I took a sip of the tea stress just disappeared. It was so refreshing. He had put some "elaichi" too to give it a flavour. The ride totally worth it.

But the shop owner was rather curious to know where am I from or where I was going. I then explained to him that I had only come there to have a cup of tea. His eyes lightened up and added "nowadays youngsters hardly have tea in stalls like ours. Modernization has got people entangled in it. People especially youngsters prefer to visit Cafe Coffee Day or other such places and pay hundreds of rupees for a cup of tea because they consider our shops unhygienic. You see I have prepared everything right in front of you, if you fall sick you can come and blame me for it.". I had to agree to everything he said. We then talked about other stuff like weather and rain and tried to lighten his mood because judging by his words I was able to make out that the tea stall is his only source of income and business is not going good enough for him. After finishing the tea I talked to him for a few more minutes then I paid him rupees 10 as it just costs me rupees 5 for each item and then left for home.

My mind was fresher than before. I had traveled through a beautiful road, had a great cup of tea and had a good conversation while having the tea. I have also learned that no matter how bad you feel your life is but actually there is someone else who is in an even worse situation. I was stressed because things were not going as I have wanted them to, I was stressed because I did not get the document I waited so long for but there is this owner of a tea stall owner who is struggling to earn few rupees so that he could feed his family.

I am not asking you to go that far to have a cup of tea but there are business owners even in the localities where we live in who are struggling to keep up with this rapid modernization. Try to support these people by buying small items from them. Unknowingly you might be contributing to something bigger. And most importantly always stay positive no matter what situation you are in. Try to make the best out of what is around you.

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