Friday, 6 December 2019

Fiat Premier Padmini (Digital Customization): The Emotions

Digitally customized Fiat Premier Padmini

Among all those modern shiny and curvy car there is a forgotten hero, slowly losing its existence. It is the Fiat Premier Padmini. Throughout India it is known as Fiat because it was the first product launched in the country by the iconic automobile company, Fiat, in association with Premier. Even now if you go to someone and say that you own a Padmini then most probably you are going to get an expression of confusion in return.
It served the country for many decades but in this modern era it has absolutely lost its grace and presence. Now you can see it mostly painted black and yellow combination or may be in someone’s backyard, rusting in peace. But even when availability of spare parts is a challenge, there are still some people who cherish the car and keep it in a brand new condition.
To be honest, the reason for choosing this car for my post is that I have a very personal attachment to this car. Long back my family used to own one when I was a child. We had so many memories in it. It is not a very fast car but every journey we had it the car was a special one. And during those days when I did not know much about cars, it was no less than a Rolls Royces for me. As I grew up I wanted to be an automobile designer and I used to dream of customizing our Padmini. Unfortunately neither of them happened and I ended up studying Biotechnology but inside I am still a 100% gearhead.
Just because I have such personal attachment with the car I cannot lie saying that it is a perfect car. No, it is not. She is a drama queen. Most of the time she will embarrass you by not starting and you would have to request some people nearby to push the car. Driving quality is just so bad. Forget about power steering or power brake, even the clutch is so hard that your knee tends to pain after driving in a dense traffic. After some years one can never shut the door in a single go, especially if that’s not your car. You will have to bang it four to five times or may be ten and still would not lock. It is like the car has soul of its own and it tends to bind with it owner. The owner always knew the special tricks to handle the car “smoothly”. These things might make you angry at that moment but I think these are the things that build emotional connection between the car and the owner. It is always hard to part with an imperfect car than a perfect one.
 Sometimes when I get in to my car, a modern day car and I close the door and it locks perfectly with that ‘thump’ sound, I remember how the doors of our Fiat would not lock at once every time. Unlike my new car there was never “too many” people, because with bench seats at the both front and the rear you could easily carry eight people in the ‘Fiat’.
This post was supposed to be about customizing a Padmini but I ended up writing about my attachment with the car. I had to change the title of the post too. There must be other people too who have special attachment with their car and want to keep it alive and ride it with pride but might want to give it a face lift to make it stand out of the crowd. For those, above is a design of the ‘Fiat’ which I made in ‘photoshop’ to give some idea about the things that can be done to an old car to make it look very modern yet classy.  The “customization” or editing might not be up to the mark but I think it will give a fair idea of what can be done to turn it in to a ‘drop dead gorgeous’.

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