Monday, 23 March 2020

No coronavirus Required : Indians can kill each other

Usually, I do not like to involve myself in controversial social issues. Moreover, I use this blog to write articles about topics related to automobiles and travel but, excuse me this time around. Without beating around the bush let me come right into the topic. 

I think that at present no one is unaware of the threat that the coronavirus posses to the whole world. Judging by the death rate, it almost seems to have the potential to wipe out the entire population of the world if precautions are not being taken. The whole world is trying to fight against the disease so that the spread of the virus can be stopped. The Indian government too is trying their best to do the same but, some citizens of India have brought shame to the entire country. It would not be wrong if said that they have brought shame to the entire human race. Here are a few instances that have made me comment so:


1. Instead of being a helping hand or anything to close to that, some people have started practicing racial discrimination. As we all know that people from North-Eastern parts India have Mongolian facial features. Therefore, some people who are ignorant enough to know these facts have started blaming people from NE India for spreading coronavirus. They are being called Chinese. And I am not stating these without information. Several videos supporting the same have emerged on the internet. Some people are trying to chase away people belonging to NE India from their areas, as these "Chinese" people are spreading the virus. Pathetic. Isn't it?

2. Many news and videos have emerged where people are being seen involved in physically torturing people belonging to different states of India because they are considered as potential carriers of coronavirus.

3. People are involving themselves in rallies to pray and protest against coronavirus. I do not think that the information that social distancing must be practiced to prevent the spreading of coronavirus has not reached them.

4. Some blind believers consider cow-urine and cow dung as the medicines to coronavirus. 

5. Few media houses are to be blamed too as they are not spreading awareness in an informative manner. Not everyone is intelligent enough to decode their diplomatic information.

6. People are spreading false rumours that if tested positive with coronavirus infection, patients are being killed. As a result, people are hiding their symptoms.

7. Well educated people are causing trouble to the health care workers by disagreeing to go through screening in the airport and railway stations.

8. Family members of patients are being seen asking the health care workers to release the patients as they are not being provided with "luxury".

The list can go on but, I must stop, as these make me frustrated as well as ashamed to consider myself as a human and an Indian. During an emergency time like this when fellow citizens of a country should be helping the society to stand, people are engaging themselves in fighting with each other and spreading hatred. I think no 2019 nCoV is required as Indians are capable of killing each other.

The problem is not that someone is uneducated because they can be made educated by providing them the right information. But, the problem lies when educated people act like uneducated. 
If you are reading this I am sure that you are not one of those people but, if you come across any such people try to educate them and prevent them from spreading rumours and hatred. Ask them not to involve themselves in any of the above-mentioned activities.


1. Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer (containing 69-70% alcohol). Do not mix water to the hand sanitizer solution to increase the quantity.
2. Stay inside your home until it is absolutely necessary.
3. Wear a mask if you have to go to places with unknown people.
4. If you have a cold, cough, fever, body pain, runny nose, or breathing problem then get yourself checked for coronavirus infection.
5. Maintain at least 1-meter distance from unknown people around you.
6. Do not touch your face, mouth, eyes, or nose without sanitizing your hand.
7. Do not spread rumours. Verify the information before sharing it with others.
8. Visit the website for more information on coronavirus.

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