Wednesday 8 July 2020

Things that you should not ever do on a road trip.

Traveling is a therapeutic experience in itself and being on a road trip, to go to the unknown is just the cherry on the top. With the right people, road trips can turn out to be extremely fun if done correctly. Unlike a flight or a train journey, a road trip in a car or a bike provides you with the opportunities to explore and see places, even before you have reached your destination. But there are multiple things that one should avoid indulging in while on a road trip. Here are few of such things that you should not ever do on a road trip: 

Not knowing the route:
If you are traveling to a place for the first time, then the route you are planning to travel should be known beforehand. Dependence on online apps (e.g. Google Maps) should be avoided as they are not always correct, and might get you lost in the unknown. A route map should be prepared by consulting with someone who knows the route and it should be accompanied by an actual paper map. It will increase convenience, save time, and help in avoiding panic situations.

Starting the journey late:
The importance of starting a journey early cannot be stretched enough. The early you start your journey, the more daylight you would be able to utilize. Starting a journey early provides you with time for important activities like food stops, bathroom breaks, checking into a hotel early, and to explore places.

Driving/Riding at night:
Until and unless it is an absolute necessity, driving or riding late at night during a road trip should be avoided. Risks and hazards increase to multiple folds at night. The shops and market place close early at night in many places so an urgent requirement might not be met on time. The probability of finding a garage in case of a break down of the vehicle also decreases at night. Also, with the decrease in visibility, combined with a probable bad/drunk driver on another vehicle on the road, increases the chances of a road accident. Cases of carjacking have also been registered to be higher during the night.

Stopping at places with no sign of civilization:
Finding a place with no one around can be intriguing. Such places provide an excellent opportunity for photography or to attend nature’s call but, such places can be dangerous especially at night. Animals and “paranormal beings” do not find their position at the top in the list of dangers on a road trip. Animals disguised as humans are the actual danger. Places with no sign of civilization might provide the perfect ground to the miscreants to extort from any passerby. So stoppages at such places should be avoided if possible.

Not carrying the essential items:
Unlike the cameras, charges, phones, power banks and other electronic items, other essentials hardly find as much importance. These are:
  1. Tyre puncture repair kit
  2. Tyre inflator
  3. Torch
  4. Knife
  5. Water bottles
  6. Rag clothes
  7. First aid
  8. Essential medicines
  9. Packaged food
  10. Comforter (during winter/road trip to a cold place)
  11. Road Maps
  12. Duct tape
  13. Jerry can (with extra fuel)
  14. Proper tool kit
  15. Spare tyre(s) (in a car)

Relying on electronic payment methods:
While the world has welcomed cashless payment systems with arms wide open, there are still places with no internet connectivity or ATMs. So to avoid any unwanted situation while having to make a payment, carry extra cash (not a lot either to get you robbed but enough for convenience).

Engaging in arguments or fights:
If you are not local to a place, then any kind of argument or heated situation should always be avoided. Such an event will not only ruin your journey but might also get you in trouble if the second party gets instigated to hurt you (I think you understood the point).

Driving/Ride without having enough sleep:
Last but not least, no matter how experienced a driver or rider might be, it is always advisable not to ride or drive while feeling sleepy. It possesses danger to the rider/driver, the passenger(s), and other people on the road.


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