Wednesday 12 August 2020

Boat Rockerz 510 on ear Bluetooth Headset: User Review

Bluetooth headsets are always great products to have mostly because of the convenience they provide. Being wireless, they completely eliminates the problems that wires cause while listening to our favourite music or streaming a show. But, it is worth mentioning that not all Bluetooth headsets are great. They too comes with fair bits of disadvantages along with the convenience they provide. So, how is the Boat Rockerz 510 on ear Bluetooth Headset? Let find out....

Audio Quality:

The high and mid range of the headset are good but, if you are a bass head like me then it will leave you wanting more. The low range isn't that great to listen to electronic music or other genres with high bass levels. The headset is good for listening to music with clean music containing acoustic instruments and vocals like country songs rather than music with a lot of distorted music like hard rock or metal.The on ear pads do not provide enough sealing and therefore a lot of noise tend to creep in while listening to music. Because of the clear mid and high ranges, it is a great headset to use while streaming your favourite show or movie or while listening to soft rock or country songs.


In the Bluetooth mode, the Boat Rockerz can provide playback upto 10 hours (depending upon the volume)  but, even if it runs out of battery charge you do not have to worry as it can be used via AUX cable (included in the package) as well. The headset has a built in mic as well and can be used for making phone calls as well

Built Quality:

Despite of being made up of plastic, the Boat Rockerz feels close to premium when it comes to built quality. There are dedicated buttons for volume, play and pause, call operation button, and a power button. It has a LED indicator as well.