Thursday 4 February 2021

Illegal car and bike/motorcycle Modifications in India

For any motorhead, almost nothing can beat the blissful feeling of customising his or her vehicle. But as years are passing by, customising or modifying one's vehicle without making it illegal is becoming tougher and tougher. And by the looks of it, it is only going to get worse, especially in India. Here are some of the vehicle modification or customisation which can get you in trouble in India:

1. Window Tinting:

No coloured films/vinyls are allowed on any of the windows or windshields of a car. Even smoking headlamps or tail lamps with colour films is considered illegal as it blocks the path of light. RIP Gangster look :(

2. Changing vehicles colour:

The colour of the vehicle must match the colour mentioned on the 'registration card/certificate' of that particular vehicle. Mismatch of these may get you in some serious trouble. So, if the colour of the vehicle has been changed, it must be updated on the RC as well. Although vinyl wrapping a vehicle with a different colour might not be considered as changing the colour/paint of the vehicle by many but it is always good to know if it permissible by law or not in your location. 

3. Engine swapping:

Swapping of engine is considered illegal in India. There are two reasons behind it. First, the engine number and chassis number must match to the information mentioned in the RC. Second, since a vehicle's engine is designed after a lot of R&D, swapping it to a different one might bring some mechanical problems to the vehicle which might cause some serious accidents. Therefore, if someone wants to swap an engine on his or her vehicle in India, he or she must go through a lot formalities to make it road legal in India.

4. Auxiliary light:

Auxiliary lights such as fog lamps or light bars are considered illegal India mostly because they cause trouble to the vision of the drivers of the on coming traffic. Fog lamps and light bars must be covered with caps when not in use or when driving within the city or in the day time.

5. Aftermarket exhaust:

Aftermarket exhausts are considered illegal because they are mostly louder that than the stock exhaust and if the catalytic converter is also removed, it causes more air pollution than the stock exhaust.

6. Oversized wheels:

Increasing the tyre or wheel size of a vehicle is considered illegal as it might cause trouble in the handling of a vehicle. But until and unless the aftermarket wheels or tyres are not monstrous in size, increase in a inch or two is hardly noticeable. Just saying ;)

7. Fancy Registration Plates:

All the vehicles must have 'High Security Registration Plates' or HSRP on them which have been issued by the District Transport Office. Any other aftermarket registration plates or no registration plates are considered illegal.

8. Emergency Sirens and Lights:

Blue and red flashing light and sirens can only be installed on emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire brigades and police vehicles only. Installing these on private vehicles is considered as illegal.


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