Friday, 17 September 2021

Auto-lifts : Auto Repair and Parking Solution

If you are a car guy or a girl then you know the pain of working under a car without a lift. With the car on the floor, it becomes tricky to work on the exhaust system, transmission, brakes, suspension, etc. or to conduct an under body inspection. No matter if you a professional mechanic or a do it yourself enthusiast, it is always hard to work under a car if you do not have a lift to raise the height of the car.

Thankfully enough most of us are aware that there are all kinds of auto-lifts solutions available to suit the need of every car lover there is. There are now hydraulic lifts that car lift a small family hatch back to a truck. These lifts are known as auto-lifts or automotive lifts. The price, load limit, lifting height, electricity consumption, size, built material, number of posts (two or four) of the lifts varies with the needs. 

Moreover, there are auto-lifts that can help to double up the parking space by lifting one vehicle and freeing up space for another underneath it. So if you are not into working on cars but simply own multiple vehicles, an auto-lift can still be useful to you by providing you with parking solutions.  

There are a wide range of brands that provides auto-lifts as per needs of the customers. Similar is a brand called BendPak. BendPak is a brand trusted by automotive professionals since 1965. BendPak automotive lifts can have two-post and four-post and are engineered to meet the demands of all kinds of jobs. The load capacity of these lifts from BendPak can vary from 6,000 to 15,000 pounds.

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