Friday 12 October 2018

Scoyco Riding Jacket - JK 63 : User Review

When you live in a country with hot and humid climatic conditions like India, going out for a motorcycle ride, with no comfort of air condition is a tough task to perform. Therefore, majority of motorcyclists in India, cannot even imagine wearing a bulky riding jacket. But, is not sweating way better than bleeding? Imagine you are on a road, surrounded by trees on both sides, with almost no traffic, and the soft breeze touching your body and calming your mind. Then you decided to open the throttle a little more and then suddenly a cow appeared from no where. Next thing you see is people surrounding you and you are lying on the road with your skin all bruised and bleeding. Blame the cow or the owner of the cow all you want but, if you had not worried about sweating, you would have been in a lot better condition. So, always invest in riding gears if you are a motorcycle rider because roads can be unforgiving.
There are a ton of products to choose from and the price range too is huge. And what if the budget is tight?

Those Alpinestar leather jackets that your favourite racers wear looks great but, are costly to buy. One of the product that can be afforded if your budget is low, is JK 63 riding jacket from SCOYCO. I have been using this jacket for a couple of months now, and it has proven to be a very good riding jacket. It is a great product to choose because you can buy one at as low as INR 5500 online, during special discounts, and the quality of product worth every cent.

The overall design of the jacket is very attractive and looks premium. The jacket is made of mesh type material to provide good air flow, which is a great feature to have during summers. The brand also claims the material to be highly abrasion resistant, which means there is a very low chance of wear or tear during a slide in case of a crash. Also, the jacket comes with CE certified removable solder and elbow protectors and a removable back padding too. Unlike the solder and elbow protectors, the back padding does not come with CE logo, which indicates that it is not CE certified, but still seems to serve the purpose in case of a crash. The jacket also comes with removable rain liner, so you do not have to worry about wearing it in case of light to moderate rains. But, you will have to wear warm clothes underneath during winters, as it does not come with a thermal liner like some of its competitors like Rynox provides with their jacket. The protectors are easy to remove and install, and the jacket can be washed with water.

Detachable Protective Padding                                       Detachable Rain Liner       
Although, thankfully enough I still did not have had to encounter a situation to know its true performance during a crash but, the overall quality of the product seems good enough and will serve the purpose for which it is made. The level quality at certain places like the buttons or the chain could have been better in my opinion but, still still can be ignored because of the price at which it has been made available.

Last but not the least, it is important to add that, wearing safety gears provides protection from severe injuries that might occur during an accident but, it does not make you immortal. So, be a responsible rider on the streets and avoid rash riding, street racing, or any kind of stunts in public place.




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