Friday 12 October 2018

Motorcycle charger : A must have accessory for motorcycles

Imagine being on a long motorcycle ride. You are clicking hundreds of pictures to capture those precious moments of your epic journey and uploading them as statuses and stories to share it with your friends or family, while on the go. The roads are new but, the online maps are helping you to find the right roads. And the only gadget that is doing it all, is a mobile phone. Everything was going fine, until your motorcycle broke in the middle of nowhere and when you wanted to make a phone call for help, there is no charge left on your phone anymore. 
So that you don't have to get in a situation like this in real life, here is a must have accessory for your motorcycle.

A 'spider type' mobile holder cum USB charger for motorcycles is a very useful and easy to install accessory that every motorcycle rider must have on their motorcycles. And it seems, it is named so, because of its 'spider' type appearance. There are lots of different brands that are selling this type of charger. I got my hands on one of these from a local store here in Guwahati, Assam, India, at INR 650. But, the price may vary on online sites and also from brands to brands but, the overall design and function of the products are similar.

The built quality of the product is pretty sturdy and  metal has been used for the construction of the major components. The four tops of the holder are made up of rubber to prevent any kind of scratches on the phone. The holder clamps on to the phone hard enough and also the rubber tops prevents it from slipping out. Even while riding the motorcycle at high speed with a mobile phone mounted to the holder, the phone did not move out of place. The mount is fully adjustable according to the rider's preference and can be rotated to orient the phone to a landscape or portrait mode.
The connecting wire that connects the charger to the battery directly, is long enough and does not require any kind connection or extension, and the two terminals of the charger can be directly connected to the battery of the motorcycle. 
The USB port has a rubber flap which protects the port from water and dust. The flap although does not seem to last very long but, serves its purpose because even after riding the motorcycle in the rain or even after pressure washing, the charger is functioning fine even after two months. The charger has a switch to turn the charger 'on' or 'off'. Also it has a blue light which lights up when the charger is in on position.

With this product installed on your motorcycle, you can charge your mobile phone on the go and you can click pictures all you want, make calls, post stories, or use online maps to get to the right destination, without having to worry about draining your cell phone battery charge.

Lastly, it is advisable not to plug in the charger when the port is wet, as it might lead to malfunction in the charger. Also, never charge a phone when the motorcycle is not turn on, as it will drain the battery of the motorcycle, so always start the motorcycle before charging the phone.


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