Tuesday 5 February 2019

How to select your perfect car?

How to select your perfect car?
Selecting a perfect car from the huge range of options in the market that suits you can be a really confusing task. With the ever-growing market of budget cars, the task of selecting the one that meets your requirement has only become more confusing. Before beginning the quest in search of a perfect car you must sort out the requirements that you want to have in the car. So, what exactly should one sort out?
So, here are few criteria which will help you to narrow down the options of cars to choose from.

1. Budget
This is where it all begins. Decide the maximum amount of money that you are planning to invest in the new car. Without the price range, you would get lost in the pool of cars and would find your mind unsettled.
2. Purpose
What are you going to use the car for? Are you going to drive it in the city maximum of time, with occasional long-distance travel? Or are you going get it off-road? Also how many passengers are you going to carry?
3. Type
What type of car do you want? Do you want a sedan, compact sedan, hatchback, SUV, compact SUV, and MUV and so on? You must decide the type of car you want. A type of car depends on how many passengers would travel in it generally and how much of luggage would you carry most of the time. If you are going to drive it in the city most of the time then a hatchback would be a better option. While if you often do long distance traveling then a sedan or an SUV or MUV would be a much better option.
4. Looks or Features
All though looks can be subjective not all good looking cars are feature loaded and vice versa.
So you must choose your own preference.
5. Performance or Economy
There are some who prefers outright performance and loves to drive fast and slay some corners in the hills and do not care much about fuel efficiency, while, there are some who love to cruise at moderate speed and want more of an economic car rather than a beast. So, what type of driver are you?
6. Safety
There are many budget car which provides basic safety equipment like ABS, Airbag, and EBS as standard but lacks out at looks or performance, so, you must decide the priority of safety while choosing a car.
7. Additional features
Can you unlock your car yourself? Can you turn on the wipers or headlamp yourself? Or do you need sensors to do it for you? Can you turn the ignition key to start the car or do you need a button? Can you do it yourself or do you want to pay few extra bucks to do it for you?
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