Saturday 27 April 2019

SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera : Review

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Actions cameras are becoming popular day by day mostly among bikers because of the small size of the action cameras. Their light weight and small size make them perfect to be a mounted on to helmets or other surfaces for recording at different angles. Also, action cameras have a wide field of view so they can record at wide angles. But there are a lot of products to choose from in the market in this category. If you have a high budget then you might go for the GoPros but what if you are low on the budget? There is a wide of action cameras to choose from in the lower budget range as well. And one brand that has grabbed a lot of attention is the SJCAM. The entry model action camera by SJCAM is the SJ4000 which is available at around INR 5500. But is it any good?

I have been using the SJ4000 for more than two years and it is a good action camera at the price it is available at.

The SJ4000 can shoot at 1080p. The quality of the videos is good enough but nothing that will blow minds off. The colours are not very vibrant and also the images are not very sharp. It is a good camera to be used for hobbies or by beginner YouTubers but it cannot be used for any professional purposes.
Although the SJ4000 can shoot good quality videos at 1080p it cannot be used for photography. The brand claims that the camera can capture photos at 12MP but the image quality is below average. So, using the SJ4000 for capturing photos is a big "NO".

  • Video recording at 1080p
  • Has coloured LCD which really helps while filming.
  • Waterproof casing is available a standard accessories
  • Wide range of mounting accessories is also available as standard.
  • It is budget friendly
  • Wide angle field of view.
  • Sharpness and colour saturation of the image could have been better.
  • The battery is only 900mAh so you would require additional batteries if you are planning to shoot a lot.
The price at which the SJCAM SJ4000 is available there is nothing much to complain about. Although the image quality could have been better it is nothing of a deal breaker if you are going to use it for your hobby or you are a new YouTuber. But if you are thinking to use it for motovlogging then you would require a separate setup to record audio as it does not support an external mic.

So, if you are low on budget but you really want an action camera then this is the right product for you.
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