Tuesday 28 May 2019

Riding Gears and Hot Summer: It is Better to Sweat than to Bleed

This time I will not be reviewing any specific product instead I am going share my experience while I ride my motorcycle wearing riding gears. But, before moving into the main story let us have a brief introduction about myself and what I do.
My name is Akash Kalita and I am 24 years old. I live in Guwahati, a small city in the state of Assam, India. Currently I am working in a marketing and sales sector which generally requires a lot of traveling to meet clients. But my daily traveling is generally within the city. Like many cities in India, Guwahati is a victim of the traffic problem too. Traveling in a car could mean spending more time on the road then pitching a deal to a client. So, the best means of transportation to tackle the traffic jam especially during the peak hours is a motorcycle.
Ever since I learned how to ride I motorcycle I never rode one without wearing riding gears. Currently I own a Scoyco JK 63 riding jacket, a Steelbird Beast helmet, a pair of budget ProBiker riding gloves, a pair of ProBiker knee guards. And I always wear boots while riding a motorcycle. Those who are from Guwahati knows that it is not a cold place to live in. The average temperature during summers can easily be 32°C. And when people see someone riding a motorcycle wearing a riding jacket or other riding gears on a hot summer day they would give you the weirdest looks.

My job lets me meet new people almost every day and the majority of them would ask me if I don't feel hot in the jacket. It is hard but I try to explain that it is way better to sweat than to bleed. Very rarely I get positive reactions about riding jackets as most people have the same counter questions and those are, "Do you ride motorcycle thinking you would fall?" or "Do you ride at high speeds?". In a country where people wear helmets just to avoid a penalty, it is difficult to make people understand that accidents can happen anywhere anytime irrespective of the distance they are traveling. I have personally seen one of my uncle getting his face bruised in a two-wheeler accident while traveling to a shop a few blocks away from his house just because he was not wearing a helmet.

Riding a two-wheeler is a danger in itself and not wearing a helmet increases the risk of serious to fatal injuries to many folds. It is important to understand the need of proper motorcycle riding gears. So, here are few safety tips that you must follow while riding a motorcycle or a scooter on the road:

  1. Always wear helmet irrespective of the distance you are traveling, place where you are riding or riding to, and weather.
  2. Try to wear other riding gears like riding gloves, riding jackets, and riding pants. A cheaper alternative to riding jacket and riding pants is a pair of protective elbow and knee guards of good quality.
  3. Always wear boots as they will protect your ankle and fingers during an event of a crash.
  4. Just because it looks good do not remove the rear view mirrors as it might lead to rear-ended collisions.
  5. Always have all the lights properly functioning and use indicators before changing lane.

To conclude, I would like to say that I do feel hot while I ride motorcycle wearing riding gears but it ensures me that during an event of a crash they are going to keep me safer than my bare skin would do. So, you too must wear proper riding gears while riding a motorcycle. RIDE HARD, RIDE SAFE.

Location: Guwahati, Assam, India

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  1. I live and work in Pinellas County, Florida USA. The summer riding presents a challenge for those of us who need and want safe riding. It is not uncommon to see riders in shorts, sandals and a baseball cap (or bandana) on the streets.
    I wear Airtech EVOTCX boots. They feature Gore-Tex material which is water-proof AND lets air through. A must for me here as I ride 10 miles (one-way) to and from work every day. I do not have a car.
    At present I ride a Scorpion EXO-GT920 Satellite Helmet. It is modular and I can flip the chin up when the time is suitable. It has the normal shield and an inner tinted shield . This allows me to leave the outer shield up and get more air. it also has vents on top and at the chin.
    I wear a Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Hi-Viz Jacket (Size LG) which is a mesh construction. Air literally blows right through it. It has the appropriate padding on my back, elbows and shoulders.
    Finally the gloves...Alpine Stars Crosser hot weather gloves. Again it features lots of mesh, but includes a hard knuckle shell in a short cuff summer glove. I like that it also functions well with smart phone screens.
    Yes, the riding can be very warm here, but I enjoy riding too much.
    Keep the shiny side up!