Wednesday 22 April 2020

Blaupunkt GTx 693 DE Car Speakers (installed in Renault Kwid): User Experience

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I hope you are doing well. In this article I am going to share my experience with the Blaupunkt GTx 693 DE Car Speakers that I have installed in the Renault Kwid.
The Renault Kwid comes with a pair of dashboard mounted speakers, whose sound quality isn't good enough. They have a good mid range and high range but, almost got no low range. I am personally a music enthusiast and like my music gadgets to be decent if not the best. Like always, I turned towards the online world in search of speakers for the Kwid at an affordable price. After searching a lot, I found that the reviews of the Blaupunkt GTx 693 DE Car Speakers were pretty good and therefore, I ordered a pair online. They are 2 years old now and the price at that time was INR 2535 on (Retail price: INR 4950).

Since the Kwid's infotainment unit do not support more that 1 pair of speakers, I had to disconnect the stock speakers after installing the Blaupunkts on the rear parcel tray. Doubling the number of speakers from the same channels caused deterioration in the audio quality. 

How is the Audio Quality?

The Blaupunkt GTx 693 DE have got a decent range of everything. The low range is good so listening to high bass music is not a disappointing experience but, don't expect it to shatter windows. The mid and highs are good too. I listen to a lot of metal and rock and never found them to be lacking in mid or lows either. For people who have a lot of experience in audio devices might not find them to be perfect but, for a layman like me these speakers sound amazing. 

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