Tuesday 16 June 2020

Motorcycling Tips for Beginners

Motorcycling Tips for Beginners

Motorcycling is a thrilling hobby and a fuel-efficient means of transport. Many people prefer motorcycles to cars because they take up less space and maintenance costs are low. Learning to ride a motorcycle is also less complicated than learning to drive a car. In fact, you have the basics covered if you know how to operate a bicycle. If you compare cars with motorbikes, it is obvious that cars are designed with greater safety features. Bikers are not protected by their vehicle’s body, hence auto accident injuries tend to be more fatal. Nonetheless, motorcycling is a fun sport and you won’t get hurt if you take all necessary precautions to reduce risks. Follow these tips to achieve a smooth transition from beginner to expert rider:

1.      Buy the Right Bike

Every person has a unique biking dream, so it is hard to say which motorcycle model would suit your tastes. Frankly speaking, there is no specific motorbike that is safer than others. Your safety on the road solely depends on your skill and various factors of the environment. However, initiating your motorcycle journey with a heavy bike is not recommended. Heavy bikes are cool and fast, but far from ideal for beginners. You should start with something light and inexpensive, to get used to the feel of a bike. You are likely to encounter several slips/fall in the beginning, so repairs shall be economical.

2.      Invest in Good Quality Biking Gear

Biking gear will enhance your comfort level on the ride and protect you from dangers on the road. Riders who always wear a helmet and other protective gear (such as gloves and kneecaps) are most likely to survive collisions with four wheelers. Stretchable clothes and well-fitted boots help maintain optimum mobility.

3.      Practice before you hit the Road

Like any other skill, riding a motorcycle needs ample practice. You are not eligible for motorcycling on the highway just because you are good at riding a bicycle. Riding a motorcycle is different, so you may consider taking lessons from a professional. Practice in open plots or empty roads before taking it to the next level.

4.      Don’t get Distracted

When you are riding your motorcycle down a busy road, make sure to look where you want to go. Both your hands should be placed on the bike handles and your eyes must not wander from the road ahead. Unlike car drivers, you do not get to steal a few moments for any distraction.

5.      Master Braking

The front brakes of the motorcycle are most powerful, but they should be used in combination with the rear brakes. The optimum braking system is to apply 70% pressure on the front brake and 30% pressure on the rear one. New riders shall opt for antilock brakes, as it gives them better control over steering in emergencies.

6.      Stay in the right lane

Motorcyclists must never ride in the middle of the road. When you ride in the right-side lane, stay towards the left and when you ride in the left-side lane, stay towards the right.

7.      Drive Sober

Be a responsible citizen and refrain from motorcycling when you are drunk, under the influence of drugs, or simply tired. Abstain from posing a hazard to yourself and the society.

8.      Keep your bike in good shape

Take care of your bike like you take care of your body. Check the fuel tank, tire air, brakes, etc. before you commence a trip.


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