Wednesday 24 June 2020

Health Benefits of Cycling

The rate at which human civilization is modernizing is immense. New technologies are being invented and old are being upgraded every day. In the recent hundred years, one of the most important aspects of human civilization, the transportation has been massively upgraded. From record-shattering fast cars, bikes, trains, air crafts to app-based taxi services, the humans have it all now. Old means of transportation like bicycles have become a rare sight to be seen, especially in cities. But human dependence on motorized transportation and its adverse impacts on human health are directly proportional. Most of the people, especially in the cities, are the victims of the modern work culture, which demands more mental activity than physical. It is not a secret anymore that lesser physical activities lead to more health problems. Since most cannot indulge oneself during the work hours so why not before and after it? Here are the health benefits of using a bicycle as a means of transport (excluding the risks possessed by air pollution and road accidents):

Health Benefits of Cycling

  1. Cycling helps in reduction of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, respiratory diseases, and diabetes.
  2. Studies have also shown that there is an inverse relation between cycling and formation of certain type of cancer.
  3. Reduction in musculoskeletal and mental health problems has also been observed.
  4. Some studies have also provided evidence related to reductions in weight gain and mortality due to cycling.
  5. Cycling provides aerobic work out: It is good for heart, blood vessels, and the brain. It also triggers the release of endorphin, which makes the body feel good.
  6. Helps in building muscles
  7. Cycling increases endurance and helps in other everyday activities like walking and climbing stairs.
  8. The pull on the muscle caused due to pushing pedals, causes the muscles to pull the bones. This helps in increasing bone density.

Safety Tips (to be considered while cycling)

  • Use pollution filter mask to avoid the risk of being exposed to air pollution.
  • Wear proper bicycle riding gears such as helmet, knee and elbow guards, and shoes to avoid injuries.
  • Extra padding should be added to the saddle to provide cushioning to bones you sit on. It will prevent the causing of numbness and the tingling sensation in the legs.


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Age and any existing disease should be taken into consideration before indulging in any physically demanding activity. Under no circumstances, no content in this article should be considered as an alternative to direct supervision/advice of a medical expert/doctor.

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