Wednesday 24 June 2020

Facebook may block your website : How to Prevent?

It is not uncommon to share posts from your website on Facebook or other social media sites to reach more people. On one hand while sharing the posts might get you potential viewers/readers, on the other hand Facebook may block your site if it mistakes your website to be a spam site. Yes, it will block your website and you will no longer be able to share your site's content on Facebook or Instagram, not even in DMs. While you may try to reach Facebook support team to resolve the issue but, the Facebook support isn't very helpful in most of these situation and therefore, you will have to wait for few months or more for Facebook to lift the ban. Or if it is worse enough, your site will be banned forever. In an era where social media plays an important role in circulating information, getting banned on it means losing a tremendous number of viewers. So what can we do about it?
  1. Let your website age to gain trust.
  2. Do not share links from your website frequently on Facebook.
  3. There should be enough time gap between two successive post on Facebook.
  4. Do not include to many redirecting links in your website. Redirecting to pages of non-interest reduces the trust worthiness of your website and people might report your website for spamming.
  5. Do not use misleading thumbnail or titles to attract viewers.
  6. Do not share your post simultaneously on multiple platforms.
  7. Do not include nudity, sexual content, violence, hatred, or any illegal content in your website.
  8. Do not promote fraud products or scams on your website.


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