Monday 29 June 2020

When to change tyres of a motorcycle or a car?

While many people know when to change the tyres of their motorcycle or car, there are still some who are not aware of it. Some people run their motorcycles on tyres till they become flat, which is a dangerous practice. In this article, I will show you the easiest way to identify the sign to change the tyres of your motorcycle.

Tread Wear Indicator

Tread wear indicators are part of the tyre in the form of small bars in between the grooves of the tyre. In a new tyre the tread wear indicators are deep inside the groove. But, as the tyres wear with time, the depth of the grooves decreases. At one point the grooves of the tyre will level up to the height of the tread wear indicator and that is the sign to change the tyre. Beyond this point, the grip of the tyres will decrease drastically and might lead to an accident.

Therefore to avoid any unwanted situation change the tyres of your motorcycle on time. The same indication applies to the tyres of a car too.

Tread wear indicator on a new tyre.

Tread wear indicator on an old tyre.

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