Friday 3 July 2020

Motorcycle Racing Academies in India

It is not an unknown fact that the motorsports in India are not as popular as compared to other sports. In recent years the motorsport scenario has started to change in India as manufacturers and organizations like Suzuki, TVS, Maruti-Suzuki, JK Tyres, Red Bull, etc have started organizing various four-wheel and two-wheel motorsports in India to encourage talented motorsport athletes. Among various motorsports, motorcycle racing is one of the most popular motorsports, especially among the youth. Involving oneself in racing on public roads is dangerous and is illegal too. Racing must be practiced only in safe confinements of a race track under the guidance of experts. So for those who seek to build a career in motorcycle motorsports or want to improve their riding skills, here are three racing academies which specialize in providing training on motorcycle racing:

Apex Racing Academy

The Apex Racing Academy was founded in 2011. It is based at Kari Motorsport Speedway, Coimbatore. The academy provides training to riders of all skill levels. The curriculum consists of three levels, 1,2, and 3. The 'Race Kraft' level is exclusively dedicated to teaching the art of racing. It is the only racing academy in India which provides training around the year. It covers all the aspects of riding and racing including rules and regulations framed by the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of India (FMSCI) in a safe and professional racing environment.

Cost of Academy Session for each Level: (in INR)

i. Training Fee - 29500/Level

ii. Open Track Session: 7000/1 Day

iii. Open Track Session: 12000/2 Days

iv. Rented Bike: 12000/2 Days

v. Leather Riding Gears: 6000/2 Days (FIM Approved International Leathers)

vi. Boots: 1500/2Days

For further information visit the official website of Apex Racing Academy at

Rajani Academi of Competitive Racing (RACR)

The RACR was started in the year 2015 by the India's most successful motorcycle racer, Rajani Krishan. The academy conducts riding and racing classes at three FMSCI approved race tracks in India i.e., MMRT (Chennai), Kari Motor Speedway (Coimbatore), and Buddh F1 Circuit (Delhi). The training is accessible to riders with any street bikes to superbikes. The training curriculum is divided into three levels: 1) Intermediate 2) Skilled 3) Expert 4) Professional. Each level is certified for an FMSCI racing license. There are no boundaries of age and gender until and unless the participant has experience with two-wheeler and has an interest in improving his or her skill in superbike expertise.

Cost of Academy Session: (in INR)

Training charges: 20000 (approximately)

Riders need to carry there own helmets (DOT, ECE, Snell, JIS certified helmets recommended). Other safety gears and motorcycles (limited numbers) are available on hire.

To know more visit the official website of RACR at

California Superbike School India (CSS India)

The CSS was founded by Keith Code, better known as the best on-track motorcycle trainer in the world. The school operates in 27 countries and has trained many Moto GP, World Superbike (WSBK), AMA Supersport & Formula and British Superbike champions. The school, CSS India first set its camp in India in 2010 at the MMSC Track in Chennai. The two major goals of the school are:

  • To provide world class training to talented youngsters.
  • To improve skills of every motorcycle rider.

The CSS India does not provide training to first-time riders therefore, some experience in motorcycle riding is at least required. Also, riders must carry their armoured leather riding gears as the school does not provide any riding gears.

The fee of the curriculum varies with the level but it starts at around Rupees 60,000 and might go all the way up to Rupees 1,00,000 or above.

To know more visit

NOTE: The prices mentioned in the article are subject to change. For more accurate information and prices, visit the official websites of the academies.

Disclaimer: This article intends to provide information only and is not associated with any kind of endorsement.

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