Sunday 20 September 2020

How to AVOID being CHEATED by USED CAR sellers? : 101 GUIDELINES to follow before buying an USED CAR

Buying a car is always a complicated process. There are hundreds of models to select, too many specifications to consider, and points like reliability, service, etc need to be kept in mind too. But, buying a new car is comparatively an easier task than buying an used car, especially if the seller is a private seller. Unlike the new car dealers, a private seller is not bound to provide any kind of warranty, roadside assistance, or other such facilities once the car has been sold. The situation might get even worse if the seller is dishonest and tries to cheat the buyer by not providing all the information about the car. While buying a new car, you can easily make a purchase if the car you are interested in meets all the requirements and fits in your budget. But, the process gets even more complicated while buying an used car because apart from the specifications of the car and the budget, there are several other points that one cannot compromise with. While buying an used car, no number of questions asked to the seller can be considered as too many questions. The more you ask, the more is probability of the seller revealing information that he or she is trying to hide about the car.

So, this article in association with Due Diligence Questions brings you a guide that contains 101 Questions that one must ask the seller while buying an used car. These points should not only be followed while buying an used car for personal use but, will also be immensely helpful for businesses such as 'used car dealers' that require to buy used cars from private sellers on regularly.                                            

The guide covers all the important topics like:

  • Top 10 Questions
  • About the Seller
  • Background Facts
  • Service history and repairs
  • Financing
  • Accidents
  • Reselling
  • and other Important questions

The full guide containing 101 questions and a step by step checklist can be accessed from the website of Due Diligence Questions (link: ).

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    1. Glad to know that you have liked it. Thank you :)

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  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. These tips are definitely helpful.

    1. You are welcome. I am glad that you have found it helpful. :)

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