Saturday 6 February 2021

Renault Kwid Servicing Cost - User Experience - 1st to 5th Periodic Maintenance

Renault provides 3 (1st, 2nd, 3rd) numbers of free periodic maintenance services which means you will only have to pay for the parts and fluids that will be replaced and the labour charges will be waived off. But from the 4th service on wards you will also have to pay for the labour charges along with the cost of parts and fluids. The Renault Kwid that I own, a 2017 BS4 800cc Renault Kwid has run for 20,000+ km and the service costs (approximate) so far are as follows:

  1. INR 85
  2. INR 1500
  3. INR 1800
  4. INR 7000

Although the 5th periodic maintenance service needs to be done after 10,000 km or 12 months, I was informed that it will cost about INR 7800.

It is to be noted that the price of servicing a vehicle might change with time depending upon the market, time, and location.

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