Saturday 6 February 2021

Motorcycle Ride toTegheria Waterfall - Beautiful Place in Assam

On 31st January 2021, me and my cousin brothers had decided to go for a motorcycle ride. We had been planning for motorcycle ride for almost a year but could not make it happen mostly because I always remain busy at my work. But that day we were all determined to make it happen any how. Funny enough, we did not even fix the destination until we met at the meeting point i.e., Jalukbari, Guwahati, Assam, which is about 20 km away from my home. Initially we had planned to go to Chandubi but since, it was Sunday, the location would have been tightly packed with people. Therefore, after a short discussion we finally had decided to go to the 'Treasured Wheels' at Sonapur, Assam which was completely on the other direction of the meeting point. The last time I went to the ' Treasured Wheels' it used to be at location which was not easily accessible. It required a lot of off-road riding or driving and vehicles with lower ground clearance could not even make it till the half way. But recently it has moved to a new location and until 31st January 2021, I had not visited the new location. Therefore, it provided the perfect opportunity for me to go and visit it. On our way we did not come across and obstacle except for a massive traffic jam at Khanapara, Guwahati which was caused by a break down of a 18 wheeled lorry.

The location was much easier to reach this time and had proper road leading right to the entrance of the 'Treasure Wheels'. We were informed that apart from the INR 100 entry fee for each person, we would require to pay an extra fee if we wanted to do some filming for the YouTube. Since, I was not willing to pay any extra fee, I did not film any footage inside the premises but clicked some pictures which I have included in my 'vlog' (video at the end of the article). After spending sometime there and learning about all the vintage items including many cars and motorcycles there, we had enough time left to explore some more places. 
I had been hearing about and seeing pictures of Tegheria waterfall for a long time but never had an opportunity to go there. The Google Map, indicated that it was just 17 km away from the 'Treasured Wheels'. Therefore, we decided to head towards that location. Like always, Google Map did not show us the proper route to the location and we had to ask the locals for the proper directions. But once we were on the proper route, the road surrounded by paddy fields, ponds, and trees  led us to our destination. Although the road was not the best at some places, it was surrounded by beautiful scenery and added to the blissful experience of the ride.

We had cancelled the plan to go to Chandubi to avoid a crowd but little did we know that we would be welcomed by a similar sight at Tegheria waterfall. The place was full of people who had gone there for picnic but we had come a long way to go back just to avoid the crowd.

The path to reach the waterfall was a short one from there but it required a little trekking through huge rocks (included in the video). So, if you ever decide to go there, wear appropriate shoes and clothing. To film the trekking, I wore my motorcycle helmet which had the action camera mounted on to it. It did looked like I was too paranoid about a fall but I was actually recording the trek. Since, it was not a monsoon season, the flow of water was not too much and therefore reaching to the waterfall was not much of a problem. But, I can imagine that during the rainy seasons the trek could be really dangerous. 

After clicking few pictures, we came across the same rocky path while returning back only to realise that there was a completely easier path to reach the waterfall. It would not have been fun though so, it was totally worthy of the time and energy.

While heading back to our homes in the evening, we had lunch at one of the 'dhabas' at Sonapur and that marked the end of our short (110 km) motorcycle ride.

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