Sunday 22 May 2022

Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner - User Experience


Since few days I was facing a problem of engine knocking on my motorcycle. Usually to solve this problem I take my motorcycle, a 2016 BS4 Suzuki Gixxer to a workshop and get the fuel tank and the carburetor cleaned and that instantly solves the problem. It generally happens due to dirt or water in the fuel or the fuel tank that clogs the fuel system and causes knocking. But, this time I had decided to use some kind fuel system cleaning product to solve the problem without having to take the motorcycle to a workshop.


After doing some online research I found that the Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner has a lot of positive reviews on the Amazon. The product was delivered the very next day (thanks to my friend’s Prime Membership) after placing the order. The price of the product was around INR 300 for 80 ml (80ml of the product for 5 to 10 L of fuel). While reading through the online reviews, I had also read that the product does not show its affect instantly but rather starts showing its affect after riding the motorcycle for about 70 to 100 KM.


I had added the product i.e. 80 ml of the product to about 10L of fuel and rode the motorcycle for few days to clock 100 KM. After 80 KM the product started showing its affect and the motorcycle started to feel more refined than ever before. Although the engine ran smooth the knocking problem still persisted. Even after riding the motorcycle for around 450 KM the knocking problem did not disappear.

Once the fuel level had dropped low to almost 300 ml in the tank, I got the motorcycle filled with a full tank of fuel. And after riding for few kilometers I started to realize that the motorcycle had again started to feel like before i.e., the way the motorcycle used to perform before filling the tank with the product.


So, from my experience I have realized that the Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner works better with motorcycles that do not have any significant problems and just require a regular maintenance.  In such situation the product will make your motorcycle feel a lot refined and smooth but that will disappear once you refill the tank with full tank of fuel once again. Also, if your motorcycle is facing some serious issue or if there is a problem with the fuel that you are filling, the product will not solve the problem. The product undoubtedly makes your every day motorcycle ride more refined and smooth. But, are you willing to spend an extra INR 300 every time you get your motorcycle filled with a full tank of fuel? That depends on you. ;)


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