Wednesday 3 August 2022

How to replace Timing Chain Tensioner of Suzuki Gixxer 155?

The timing chain of  a motorcycle engine is a crucial mechanical part that keeps the motion of various engine parts in sync. This chain elongates when the engine is running due to heat and also due to wear and tear with time. The timing chain tensioner of a motorcycle creates tension in the timing chain and do not let it become loose when it elongates. A loose timing chain can cause misfires in the engine, poor performance, and in severe cases might not even start the engine or might damage the internals of the engine. As stated earlier a timing chain might get get loose because of wear and tear in the timing chain but might also get loose due to malfunctioning of the timing chain tensioner/adjuster. Replacing the adjuster is quite easy but replacing a timing chain is a tedious task and is not recommended to perform at home by someone without proper knowledge. Therefore, if the problem is in the timing chain then it should be better done by experts only. 

Below are the steps to replace a timing chain tensioner of Suzuki Gixxer 155:

Above in the image is a Timing Chain Tensioner of a Suzuki Gixxer. The price of the tensioner at the time of writing this article is INR 225.

The pin that comes fitted on a new timing chain tensioner keeps the tensioner rod in the retracted position. It should be removed at the end of the process after replacing the tensioner to avoid inconvenience.

If the pin gets accidently removed and the tensioner gets extended it can again be retracted by tightening the screw in the hole where the pin is,   using a flat head screw driver by rotating the screw in the clock wise direction.

While replacing the tensioner, the old gasket should be replaced too as it might have got damaged with time or might get damaged during the replacement process. The gasket do not come along with the tensioner and should be bought separately. At the time of writing this article, the price of the gasket is INR 3.

The tensioner is held in its position by two 8mm bolts and there is a rubber cap that covers the hole at the top that prevents leaking of internal gases. The rubber cap is an integral part and should not be misplaced. Without the rubber cap there will drop in performance and malfunction in the engine due to leakage of internal gases.

The rubber cap can be removed using fingers. Tighten the screw inside the hole by turning it in the clock wise direction using a flat head screw driver. This will bring the tensioner rod to the retracted position. Once the screw is tight, remove the two bolts on the tensioner using an 8mm socket. And once the tensioner has been removed, clean the surface of the contact area on the engine side using a clean cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or residue.

After removing the old tensioner put the new gasket on the new tensioner with the rough side of the gasket facing upwards, i.e., the smooth side facing towards the tensioner. Install the tensioner and tighten the bolts sufficiently but do not over-tighten the bolts. Once the tensioner has been installed, remove the tape that is holding the pin and pull the pin out. You will hear a click sound. This indicates that the tensioner rod has extended and is in place. Put the rubber cap back in its position to successfully complete the process.

And that is how you replace a timing chain tensioner on a Suzuki Gixxer or other motorcycles with similar setup. :)


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