Sunday 30 July 2023

ResQTech - Micro Tyre Inflator - User Review


A few years ago, I was searching for a tyre inflator both online and offline. That is when I came across the ResQTech Micro Tyre Inflator online. After reading through all kinds of reviews and watching videos about it, I decided to give it a try and bought it for INR 999 from Amazon. Although the inflator has an inbuilt pressure gauge, I additionally bought a Karter Tyre Pressure gauge for INR 700 (approximately) from Amazon to double check the tyre pressure.
Here is my user experience after using the product for more than 2 years:

  • Costs less than most similar products available.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Built-in pressure gauge.
  • It comes with connectors to connect the inflator to both the motorcycle's battery and the 12V socket of a car.
  • Additional nozzles are available to inflate footballs, volleyballs, etc.
  • Accurate pressure (double checked with the Karter Tyre Pressure Gauge).

  • The inflator's hose is short and difficult to connect to the tyre valve if it is at the wrong angle, especially on motorcycles' rear tyre. The inflator needs to be held to prevent it from hanging and bending the valve.
  • The connector is a threaded type connector; therefore, loss of pressure occurs while connecting and disconnecting the hose from the valve. To compensate for the loss of pressure, I fill the tyres with at least 3 to 5 psi more and adjust the pressure accordingly by measuring it with the Karter Tyre Pressure Gauge.
  • The inflation process is not the fastest, but there is nothing to complain about since the product is compact.
  • After running the inflator too long, the hose heats up significantly, making it difficult to disconnect it from the tyre's valve with bare hands until it cools down.

Final Verdict:
So far, I have not faced any issues with the ResQTech Micro Tyre Inflator. Even with a few of its shortcomings, the product is a handy tool to have for regular tyre pressure maintenance work (not recommended for commercial purposes), or pair it with a tyre puncture repair kit for a perfect emergency tyre repair kit during long car drives or long motorcycle rides.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post.


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