Saturday 23 September 2023

How to Save Money While Buying Your Favourite Car?

Photo Credit: Kanchanara on Unsplash
Often, while trying to buy out favourite things, budget plays an important role in influencing our decision. The process of purchasing a car is similar. Even with numerous features trying to tempt you to influence your decision, the process of buying your favourite car is not immune to budget constraints. So, if your budget is limited but you still want to get your hands on your favourite car, let us discuss some of the features that you can live without to save a lot of your hard-earned money.

1. Sunroof:

The trend of sunroofs on cars is becoming popular every day. Automobile brands will charge a premium for models with sunroofs. The question is, do you really need the sunroof? Are you going to keep it open and drive? Or will you ever use it for anything? If the answers are no, then you really do not need it other than showing it off while giving a car tour to your friends and family. You can save a lot of money if you choose not to buy a model with a sunroof.

2. Push-start button:

Do you need a push-start button, or can you turn the ignition key to start the engine of the car? Generally, in most family cars, push-start buttons do not come as a standard feature across all variants of the same car. Brands will always try to push towards selling the variants with push-start buttons to charge you a premium for the feature.

3. Automatic Windshield Wipers:

Few modern cars have started to boast the "Automatic Wiper" feature. When it rains, do you need a sensor to turn the wipers on, or do you need a sensor to do it for you? If you do not mind pressing the wiper button during the rainy season, you can save some serious money while buying your favourite car.

4. Automatic Headlamps:

The "Automatic Headlamp" feature can add significant money to the overall cost of the car. Therefore, when it gets dark, if you can turn the headlamps on and not rely on some sensors to do it for you, you can save an additional amount.

5. Chrome:

Chrome garnishes on a car are for pure visual purposes and serve no mechanical value to the car. Generally, top variants of a car are added with a few chrome parts to add to its premium or luxurious appearance. If you can live without some shiny parts here and there on a car, you can get yourself a value-for-money deal.

6. Factory Fitted Leather Seat Covers and Infotainment System:

Both factory fitted leather seat covers and infotainment systems cost a lot. You can easily get better same or better quality products from after market stores and save some extra money during your purchase.

7. Accessories:

Accessories at dealerships always cost more than after-market accessories. But while purchasing after-market accessories, you will have to be a little careful to avoid buying counterfeits or substandard products.

Lastly, more mechanical features mean more service costs during regular inspections or more risk of part failure, ultimately adding to the overall maintenance cost of a vehicle.

I hope you found this helpful and that it will add positive value to your purchasing decision.

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